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[Utilizing] the new technologies without sacrificing the old-school beliefs, those days are getting closer. Individual deals with different technology companies, but built solely on one thing -- what works best for the music and the artist. In almost every city on tour, you had a sports camp with underprivileged kids and pro athletes through your foundation, Teammates for Kids. You see these 350-pound offensive tackles in the grass with these five-year-olds playing football. For the first two or three weeks I’m not going to feel guilty about just sleeping the whole time, but then when you wake up, you look in that mirror, and say, “I’m breathing. ” You’re already slated to play the Houston Rodeo and Stagecoach next year. You can’t make it right anywhere else because of the sheer numbers.You sit there and cry the whole time and you love it. A lot of things with international is, "How do you want to go over there?When defense attorney Jesse Bright was pulled over in North Carolina while moonlighting as an Uber driver, he began filming the encounter.Allegedly, he had been pulled over for picking up a passenger from a known ‘drug house,’ but that didn’t stop Bright from continuing to film, despite the police officers incorrectly telling him that it was illegal to do so.You had to cancel three shows in Tampa in 2015 because of the the Stanley Cup finals, but, remarkably, you didn’t cancel any other dates on the tour for illness or personal reasons. The way this stage is set up, you couldn’t even run off to the side and throw up if you were sick.You go underneath the stage and throw up and come back. You throw up right before you go on stage and right afterward, but never had to go off stage and do anything… Bruce Springsteen talks about how no matter exhausted he is, the walk from the dressing room to the stage always invigorates him, and it has never failed him. This tour, it had to be Lincoln, Nebraska [in late October] and I said, “I can’t believe I’m this close to the finish, but I just can’t get that motor running.” I came on out [from under the stage]. Physically, I’m a little tired, but I hate to admit that…This band and crew have been exhausted for the last year and a half.

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I’d love that to tell you that my four years [playing a solo show at Las Vegas’s The Wynn] with Steve Wynn I learned how to become a businessman, but it would taste a lie. I always wanted to be a teammate and I feel like I get to in this group. I think the bus broke down on Easter Sunday morning and we couldn’t get it fixed, and missed a gig in Chattanooga in ’89.Jesse Bright shared the video on his Facebook page.Allegedly, he had been pulled over for picking up a passenger from a known 'drug house,' but that didn't stop Bright from continuing to film, despite the police officers incorrectly telling him that it was illegal to do so.Though Brooks’ promoter, Ben Farrell, does not report Brooks’ concert grosses to Billboard Boxscore, the highest North American tally Boxscore could find for any other artist was U2’s 2009-2011 360 tour, which sold more than 2.7 million tickets. For that moment, that little girl saved everything for me.The numbers mean a lot to Brooks, the RIAA’s top-selling solo artist, and he’s happy to reflect on the past three years and express tremendous gratitude that “the people showed up." But he is looking forward, not back. I’ll say this as sweetly as I can, so it doesn’t sound ungrateful -- never let the tail wag the dog. 1s, but you still do the best music that you can do. She was younger than my daughters, but it was just neat seeing the innocence, all from the first song, for the fact that we were all here. You don’t do 390 performances with people you don’t want to see every day.

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