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writing code that represents business applications. When machines are required to transact businesses with each other, it is the XML Schema that validates the data being sent across.

Before incorporating the data in its databases, the receiving machine first validates the data by scrutinizing the schema.

The attribute xmlns:xs specifies that the xs prefix is owned by or belongs to, the namespace

Every xsd file must necessarily start with the root element of 'schema' and should also end with it.

The namespace only comes into play whenever the owner of a certain tag is to be ascertained. Thus, while reading the file, the Read function will apply the validation rules contained in the file b.xsd, and in the event of an error, it will call the function abc.

If the entire world got together and thought up a way by which every tag could be assigned a unique name, then there would never be a necessity to preface the tag with its namespace. Thus, the first rule is that it is the element tag that decides the names of the tags in the xml file; or to be more precise, the name attribute.

Every tag in the xml file must have a corresponding element tag with the name attribute in the xsd file.

The xmlns attribute identifies the namespace that the tags belong to, if and only if they are not qualified with a namespace prefix.

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The XML Schema, which is a substitute for the DTD or Document Type Description, represents these rules . However, DTD supports only 10 data types, whereas the Schema world supports more than 44 data types.

I have looked at many posts to see how to use the XML validating reader (Now just XMLReader. The data validates 100% using XML Spy from Altova but not using the XMLReader in C#. The error that occurs trying to find the type String20, which is my first custom data type in my schema.

I dont want to use default namespaces, I want my own. I know this is possible and validates ok (in XML Spy). So I think its either a namespace issue or something I may be doing wrong in the validation in c# code. Sample data is a small subset of my real data (cannot post real data). --- XML data --- If you have two schemas with different target namespaces then it does not make sense (in my understanding) to include one schema in the other, rather you need to import the schema with xs:import.

In the Add function, the first parameter is the namespace URI of the schema.

Since we are not using any name, a value of null is supplied for the namespace. Moreover, the event Validation Event Handler is initialized to a function abc, which is called each time an error occurs.

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