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Note: These tips cropped up in one of the articles I was reading whilst researching my next blog post and I thought I’d post them here.Though I should add a caveat here that it’s never black and white when it comes to weight loss. Don’t be discouraged when the scale only dips a pound (or even less) each week.But having ongoing conversations with over 30 men started to occupy what little time I had. One for lunch, one for dinner and one I met for late night drinks. But since I had so many choices, match numbers growing daily, nothing “real” progressed.Let me be the first to say that not all Tinder folks are looking to “hook up.” Many are seeking a relationship. I could have an insightful conversation with someone one night and forget about them the following day.Also, if you’re in Southern California prepare to see men posing with Tigers!I ran across this an incredible amount of times and the only conclusion I’m able to come up with is that there must be a book on the market that told these poor schmucks, “it’s a must have when internet dating.”When you do finally see what you like, you swipe right.

Once you’ve entered your Facebook login information, you are immediately available to the world for judging and possible love (? If the persons photo and/or age doesn’t tickle your fancy, you swipe left until you run across that lucky person that stops your thumb dead in it’s tracks.If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably an unhealthy and unsustainable route to weight loss.3. To avoid feeling discouraged by hormone-induced fluctuations day by day, switch to monthly weigh-ins.4. There is a place for cardio in every exercise plan, but if you’re spending hours each week on the treadmill or the sidewalk and seeing little change, step outside of your comfort zone and try some free weights or weight machines.Building more muscle mass is the single most effective way to burn fat and calories more efficiently, and to close the gender weight loss gap.5. Women are naturally more self-critical than men, and also more fixated (perhaps even obsessive) about their weight loss efforts.If you’ve ever been curious about what this new dating rage is all about, then this is a must read.I have been dabbling in the ever so popular internet dating circuit.

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