Wow addons not updating

many games in the past used this user dependend path to store the data.

This way you wouldn't loose your save games and addon stuff if you reinstall the game and the c:\program files\... But in my eyes it shouldn't just use the c:\ (or system harddrive) to scan for the addons but use the real documents path that someone specified in the windows (OS) settings.

Since Microsoft has ceased support for Internet Explorer, you should also consider using a different browser (such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome) in the future.

You’ll need to edit a file in the Simulation Craft addon which can be found in your World of Warcraft folder.

I have checked multiple times that all the files are there and that the paths are correct. Open your PC/main folder, then right-click on the "Document" folder (or library shortcut -- whatever it's called) and choose Properties. I had to reset this location back to default, after I moved my data to another folder as to not overfill my C-Drive. Yeah I think it ought to point to the current folder of where the game's installed.

They work on my friends account, but won't show up on mine! The My Documents/Documents path is unorthodox to use for game/software add-ons.

They work on my friends account, but won't show up on mine! This is the pathway everyone seems to have, but it never works right?

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Then manually download your addons into your Wo W addons folder located inside the interface folder.

The addon will likely be updated in the next 12 hours but you can modify your own local copy to get things working right now.

The manual editing fix from earlier The Simulation Craft addon is not properly retrieving artifact data in the game client updates today.

You should now be able to run Minion by double-clicking the new "minion" file, which has an icon that resembles two gears.

This is caused by the Java plugin either not being installed into your web browser properly, or it simply not existing.

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