Women dating tips

Decide now that you will only date a man who meets your “Musts.”What are the attributes that a man must have to be worth your heart?Make a list with two headings: “My man must” and “My man should.” Give yourself 10 minutes to list without censoring or second-guessing.Here are 18 simple dating tips to help you prepare yourself, navigate the online scene, build quality relationships, and feel successful, regardless of how the date or the relationship ends. Are you looking for casual connections without any expectations, to find some companionship, or to find an empowering partner for the rest of your life?Be honest with yourself about your expectations, and then communicate them openly.If you want to have a fit body, you eventually learn that it is an on-going process.You can’t do 100 sit-ups once every six months and expect your body to change.Children can form bonds and expectations very quickly.Only bring the children into the picture when you are certain that the relationship has become one with longevity.

If you are going to attract and date your “Must” man, make choices to develop your best self.A beautiful, genuine smile is ten-million times more attractive than your hair, make-up, clothes or figure. Feeling resentful or violated should never be something you have to accept to be in a relationship with anyone.No matter how much money he’s spent on you or how badly you think it may hurt his feelings, don’t ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. If either of you have children, protect them first. It’s very confusing to children, even teenagers, when their parents date.Then go back through your list and ask yourself, “Is this really true?” Keep revising until you have a very clear picture of what you want.

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