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Seacrest is used to being the butt of the joke, pun intended.

He knows on some level he's laughable but, ultimately, he's the one laughing--all the way to the bank. He just had dinner recently with her, Anderson Cooper, and Carson Daly.

What about James Spader, his wife was also very plain homely looking, not sure if he's still married to her, but I do remember being very shocked when I finally saw what his wife looked like.

I could care less what James Spader, or anyone else who is or might be gay, looks like. I met him a few month ago, and I could not believe he was the same person.

Or that could be in the PR sense like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon outing each other. That's the way old people talked about homosexuaity-bisexuality.

I seem to recall Kathy Griffin was alluding to Ryan Seacrest being gay after he fondled her on stage on some award ceremony. He was just on with Oprah, the great irony, talking about how it's okay to be gay, he just happens not to be gay. Of course, her fightened biographer left that part out of his book. I'm watching an I Love Lucy marathon and shit, that funny fox was masculine.

(Hell, it's as believable as anything here.)Scorned Julie Mc Cullough outed ex-husband David Sutcliffe of Gilmore Girls as bisexual, on his IMDB page.

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The most obvious is Mimi Rogers' Playboy interview where she said Tom Cruise is like a monk and they never have sex.

I can't remember his name, but Jessica Biel was outed by a wrestler she co-starred with when the wrestler was being interviewed on a radio show.

He said she had an awful lot of women going to her trailer.

And just this week he was at the New Now Next awards holding hands with a guy I assume is his boyfriend.

Well I don't know Heather Graham's life story, but given that the moive (Gray Matters) is all about her character's coming out, I assumed he meant that her parent's weren't accepting of her sexuality and Heather could relate on that level.

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    ” While it may seem like a polite thing to ask, she isn’t the pizza delivery guy — she’s someone you have romantic feelings for.