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He has appeared in various other programs since, taking on small roles or making cameos, often as himself.

He has also done work with several charity organizations, including the Environmental Justice and Climate Change group, which he and jazz musician Jarez volunteered as spokespersons in July of 2008.

The 90s Gangsta's Paradise hit-maker told the hosts: 'We're going a little overboard with the bullying thing - kids need bullies! ' US rapper Coolio (pictured) claims children require tough love and society is 'going a little overboard' trying to prevent it...

as the star declares his haters shaped who he has become today Providing context to his statement, the 54-year-old said: 'Bullying actually made me who I am - were it not for the bullies in my life I would probably be in prison.

Bullying in the school yard and over social media platforms have become a hot topic of late.

And US rapper Coolio weighed in on the issue with a rather controversial opinion on Hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt on Friday morning.

“My middle son does not like to be in public,” admits Coolio, who was born Artis Leon Ivey, Jr. But don’t expect Snoop’s Dogg’s “Father Hood,” a reality series which aired on E! “Our show is different because it focuses more on our family,” he says. “His parenting style, when it comes to everything in terms of dating, how late you can stay out, who can have locks on the doors – it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before,” says executive producer Greg Goldman.

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Coolio: [sits back, takes deep breath] Now I’ve seen places. “I got offered to do a “Flavor of Love”-style show, “Surreal Life” and “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.” And I said, ‘No,'” he says. “I’m trying to be the first rapper to go platinum at 50,” he jokes. It’s going to be called “Ol’ Man River.” SIDEBAR: COOLIO DISHES ONa Opening A Restaurant: “I want to open it in Culver City. “A couple of them called, and I said, ‘If you call me again, we’re going to have a problem.'” After all, Coolio still has a day job. Growing up, Coolio’s offenses were a bit more serious. A few years later he was popped for bringing a weapon to school. I will say this, though: bring a 24-year-old in here, and let’s watch the difference between me and him.By 17, Coolio landed behind bars for reportedly cashing a stolen money order. Lay by the pool with some booty shorts on.” His Midlife Crisis: “I’m divorced for about eight years. Let me sleep with his girlfriend, and then let him sleep with mine, and we’ll see.” His Kids: “My children are not traditional.

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