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White supremacists are likely to continue to kill in the year to come, a federal report obtained by Simi recently worked with criminologist Bryan Bubolz to interview 34 former white supremacists, 31 men and three women.The interviewees had been involved with hate groups—primarily the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, skinhead groups, and Christian Identity sects—for anywhere from three years to more than two decades.Furthermore, this analysis seeks to underscore the threats to peace and coexistence posed by the violence and hatred inherent in this global subculture. Although it's hard to say how frequently people abandon supremacist organizations—namely because researchers don't know how many people join in the first place, making calculating a defection rate nearly impossible—members often become disillusioned with the organizations and leave, says Pete Simi, a sociologist at Chapman University in California.There is something really unique about Blinddate.com™ that you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s also the first dating site I’ve used that helps me promote who I am on the inside.

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Through the ideographical and inductive analysis of forum posts and website content, the intention of this thesis is to demonstrate that right-wing extremists in the contemporary period are part of an internationally-minded subculture which has been largely overlooked or misunderstood by scholars, politicians, and media outlets.

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