What type of radiation does carbon dating use

The diagram below shows the difference between alpha, beta and gamma particles.The diagram below should make you think back to the cathode ray tube experiment - notice how the negatively charged beta particles are attracted to the ( ) plate while the positively charged alpha particle is attracted to the (-) plate.A strong radioactive source is used to deliver nuclear radiation to the affected part.If this is from outside the body the patient doesn't become radioactive BUT if it is from an implanted source (like a radioactive wire inserted into the tumour) the patient does become radioactive and usually has to stay in hospital until the source is removed.The Apollo Moon missions used a radioisotope thermal generator (RTG).

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No radioactive source particles are allowed to get in touch with the irradiated substance.

This is possible because some natural elements tend to concentrate in certain parts of the body: iodine in the thyroid, phosphorus in the bones, potassium in the muscles.

When a patient is injected with a radioactive element, a special camera can take pictures of the internal workings of the organ.

Since gamma radiation has no charge its path does not bend.

The diagram below shows what materials can block each type of radiation.

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