What is the game when you are dating

There's a huge misconception out there that you have to be clever and manipulative when dating someone new to keep them on their toes, and somehow that is supposed to make them want you more.

While this may work for a little while, this immature tactic absolutely does not pay off in the end.

You're never going to have a lasting or fulfilling relationship because you're too busy fabricating and plotting.

Your true feelings and desires will never get to see the light of day because you're giving your time and effort to a false act.

In fact, you'll be more emotionally in debt than you were before you decided to play the game.

To gain some professional insight on this topic, I spoke with relationship experts and coaches about what makes a relationship work, what doesn't, and why people feel the need to play relationship games in the first place.

It's almost become a rule at this point in our society that you have to play mind games with your crush to keep them interested in you.

But "playing the game" makes dating and relationships giant headaches when they don't have to be that way.

All you're concerned with is your own feelings and making yourself look like the winner.

You're manufacturing a version of yourself that you want the other person to see; you're not showing the real you.

And if you're so scared of showing the real you, you can't ever expect to have a real relationship.

A courageous person can have these fears and still be honest with others as well as themselves. "A person who can't be authentic is afraid," Donadio insisted.

"And if you're afraid, how can you have a love relationship with somebody? What is it that you're afraid that they're going to find out about you?

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