What is a wingman dating

Much to the horror of my readers (and they were very vocal), I broke up with her.

Months later I bumped into Blossoms at a real estate open house, and I realized she had changed.

It makes a guy realize she is—no, not a piece of meat, but—yummy-looking and worth getting hungry for.

Watching a woman flirt with his friend can have the same effect.On behalf of all guys, let me say: We're sorry. But I had no idea that by taking the job I'd come to see women, dating and myself in a whole new way. I took up the "Jake" mantle a decade ago, for three enlightening cocktail-infused, blind-date-laden years.Two years or so into my life as Jake, you see, I started dating a woman I code-named Orange Blossoms (due to her insanely intoxicating perfume).We were nuts about each other, but she pushed hard for commitment, and I felt trapped.

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