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You know, because it’s just a comfortable environment to be in. Ever since I’ve been sexually active, I’ve always made sure I’ve had regular tests, STD and blood tests.Obviously since I started working I make sure I get it every 3 months.However, only 84 (62%) of these 135 workers disclosed that they were sex workers to their GP.This paper examines whether there have been changes in utilisation of health services since decriminalisation and whether sex workers are any more likely to disclose their occupation to health service providers.When sex workers do not reveal their occupation to their doctors, it makes it difficult for the doctors to provide appropriate care and support.A study carried out in Christchurch in 1999 prior to decriminalisation found that only 12 of the 302 sex worker respondents did not go for sexual health checks.My GP has all of my history, you know, from right from zero to whenever to now.

Most participants indicated that they accessed their GP for their general health needs (91.8%) as well as their sexual health needs (41.3%).The interviews utilised a semi-structured interview guide and were conducted by NZPC outreach workers who had been trained by us in interviewing techniques.All interviews were digitally recorded and transcribed to word accuracy. Transcripts were read and re-read, and datasets were developed by cutting and pasting relevant quotations by participants around a range of subject areas.The final sample achieved was 772, which represents 32% of the estimated sex worker population across those areas. In-depth interviews were carried out with 58 sex workers in the five locations of the research between August 2006 and April 2007.The diversity of the industry was also reflected in this sample.

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