Validating technique in psychology

It's been a year since I joined and can honestly say I have one of the most rewarding jobs in my field.Special guest for today is Katy Peichert (Talent Acquisition Manager at Wooga in Berlin) who's going to tell us about the German Capital, its start-up scene and why you should definitely move to Berlin. MAVS» for the study of psychophysiological state of children of the first year of life Experimental Psychology Reznikova J. Minutes of the Outdoor Meeting of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Education Editorial Experimental Psychology Kholmogorova A. Facial symmetry and severity of gender dimorphism in its proportions in the isanzu people, traditional farmers of East Africa Experimental Psychology Marmalyuk P. Analysis of indicators of the moral state of society in Europe: assessment of the adequacy of the factor model using criterion based on the self-organizing map (Kohonen map) Experimental Psychology An involuntary memory research method Zherdev I. Hardware-software system for study of complex images’ visual perception during saccadic eye movements in man Lyakso E.

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Denise Tham, previously working as QA manager at the cloud-based collaboration startup "Podio", has shared the following insights with us. Modern Technological Image Transformation in the Study of Perception of Facial Expression of a Person Menshikova G. An investigation of the integrity of the «eye-head-body» system with the use of the virtual reality technique Experimental Psychology Zorina Z. This week we wanted to shine some light on Technical Recruitment and its challenges so we reached out to Ana Borges, a Technical recruiter from Betsson Group to pick her brain on various challenges she faces on a daily basis.This is a competitive world where hiring the right tech talent can be a challenge. And how important is QA when it comes to growth of a startup?

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