Validating database query results

Snapshots provide a statistical summary of the state of the system at a point in time.

These snapshots are stored in Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), residing in the tablespace.

Actions you might take to respond to alerts are discussed in "About Responding to Alerts".

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This chapter discusses the features and functions included in Oracle Database that make it easy to monitor database health, identify performance problems, and implement any corrective actions.For example, when a tablespace becomes 97 percent full, this can be considered undesirable, and Oracle Database generates a critical alert.Other alerts correspond to database events such as Snapshot Too Old or Resumable Session suspended.There may be times when you want to set thresholds for other metrics, or you want to alter existing threshold settings."Changing Space Usage Alert Thresholds for a Tablespace" describes one means of setting a threshold, where you set warning and critical thresholds on the amount of space consumed in a tablespace.

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