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So let’s start with some documents and considerations you should take care of before you start: v Center Single Sign-ON user password v Center Server user password (if it is not the Single Sign-on user) used ports (if you do not use the default ports) Next you will find a short walkthrough with some screenshots of the upgrade wizzard and at the end of the blogpost you can find some links to problems/issues that affected me.The detected version of MSI on Windows Server 2008 SP2 is known to have an issue that can provoke a failure or hang during install/upgrade/uninstall.

Removing gcc can be done using the following command: The VMware Server will only be accessible from the local network.Open a web browser and go to or https://your.server:8333/ui/# Log in as the user you specified during configuration, and you will find VMware Management interface. Be aware that a yum update that includes a new kernel may cause a failure of VMware-server.In this case, you will have to re-run and rebuild the modules.If you want to be able to access the VMware Server from internet, run these commands: To allow console access from your local network: Substitute "disabled" instead of "enabled" in the above commands to disable access.Download and install the VMware console from the VMware web site, or the MUI webpage, on a client machine or use the existing console if you already have VMware (Server) installed.

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