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See here for more details on how to run the examples.The intro Example contains simple examples of how you use the Realm API.Note: Realm does not support Java outside of Android.We no longer support Eclipse as an IDE; please migrate to Android Studio. Step 1: Add the class path dependency to the project level A Pro Guard configuration is provided as part of the Realm library.The grid View Example is a trivial app that shows how to use Realm as the backing store for a Grid View.It also shows how you could populate the database with JSON using GSON plus how to use ABI splits to minimize the size of the final APK.Stetho-Realm is not officially maintained by Realm.Take a look at our examples to see Realm used in practice in an app.

When all in-memory Realm instances with a particular name go out of scope with no references, that frees all that Realm’s data.

For a more detailed discussion about Realms, read The Realm Data Model.

Open a Realm by instantiating a new It’s sometimes useful to ship a prepared Realm file with your app—you may want to bundle some shared data with your application.

This means that you don’t need to add any Realm specific rules to your Pro Guard configuration.

If you need help finding your app’s Realm file, check this Stack Overflow answer for detailed instructions.

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