Updating firmware on sharp quattron

If it's still flashing, power cycle your TV: unplug it at the electrical socket on your surge protector or wall, wait two minutes and then plug it in again.

An interruption in the power to the TV may have caused a malfunction resulting in the OPC LED flashing.

Check the power cord where it connects at the back of your Sharp Aquos TV to confirm that it isn't loose.

A flashing OPC LED is an alert that something is wrong with your Aquos television.

Once finished, plug the drive into the USB port on your TV and then follow the on-screen instructions.

When you receive on-screen confirmation of a successful update, select "OK," remove the drive, turn off your TV, wait a minute and then turn it on again to see if the update corrects the problem.

Either way, the only way for you to update to ICS is to send your phone to Japan.

In your case, you need to have build version before you can try to do the major update.

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