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However, using 91500 zircon as the external standard, the weighted mean =24) for OLT-1 titanite by single spot and line raster scan analyses, respectively.

It is evident that these ages are ∼12% younger than their reference values.

If, however, a zircon crystal has lost Pb, one can still calculate its age by plotting the data on a ‘discordia line’ instead.

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Chemostrat employ a laser ablation system coupled with an ICPMS to analyse and date zircon crystals.Titanite is an ideal mineral for U-Pb isotopic dating because of its relatively high U, Th and Pb contents.Here, we developed a technique for U-Pb dating of titanite using the 193 nm Ar F laser-ablation system and Agilent 7500a Q-ICP-MS.At present, Chemostrat can determine U-Pb ages for zircon and apatite crystals.Zircon is a robust mineral and so the crystals preserve the age at which they formed or underwent high grade metamorphism.

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