Types of aggressive relationships in adolescent dating violence

Here are two examples: You have more constraint commitment to stay on your current path (in any area of life, not just relationships) when you have fewer alternatives to it.

The two studies we describe here also found that relationships with more aggression tended to have lower dedication and higher constraints. Additionally, Manning and colleagues found that the high-constraint/low-dedication combination was more common for cohabiters than marrieds or daters.The Interplay of Dedication and Constraint in Relationships with Aggression In both studies discussed in this post, dedication and various dimensions of potential constraint were analyzed.In their study, Manning and colleagues found that dedication was associated with lower odds of being in a relationship with aggression, as did we in our earlier research.The latter two groups were not significantly different in the likelihood of remaining together.We also found that those who were living together—compared to dating and not living together—were more likely to report that their relationship experienced physical aggression within the prior year.

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