Trebizond dating

The information in the Chronicle is insufficient to assess the relative levels of importance of these titles in Trebizond.

There is one case of doux applied to the territory of Chaldia, a passage in the Chronicle explaining that the individual in question was the local governor.

The Chronicle refers to court titles which are similar to those found at the Byzantine empire at Constantinople, including megas doux, megas stratopedarchos, protobestiarios, epikernes, protosebastos, parakoimomenos, and megas logothetes.

From monasteries to mountain villages, fortresses to churches, there’s plenty to see in this town that’s yet to be discovered by visitors.Nowadays, the city and its province are dotted with the remnants of this rich past, including beautiful churches, monasteries, fortresses, and much more.Make sure to see these sights when you visit Trabzon.The former capital of the Empire of Trebizond, Trabzon was historically known as Trebizond and served as an important port city with Persia in the southeast and the Caucasus to the northeast.Its location on the historic Silk Road also meant that it was a meeting point of religions, languages, and cultures for many centuries.

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