The hazzards of online dating

It is just as equal of a danger to stay on social media than it is to leave. And most of all, we can choose which measures will help us honor God and live more like His Son in this world. Neal Samudre is the creator of Jesus and is the author of Jesus Workforce, a guide to help people build better habits and grow as leaders in the workplace.Subscribe to his free course to learn how you can live like Jesus in a busy life.When at one time we questioned how we could live with it, we now question how we could live without it.To some degree, this is troubling because many of us know the many disadvantages to living our lives on social media, and yet, we’re too afraid to cut the chord.Seeking validation online is a danger because it has us relinquish our power to affirm ourselves even more.We now look for even more external measurements to our worth.This unfortunately becomes increasingly difficult with social media sharing everything. Convenient Friendships We don’t have much risk with our relationships today.

After much discussing, I decided not to leave social media (namely, Facebook).

What she did not expect was how epic the night would turn out.

She wasn’t expecting to meet anyone significant so what she did is drink and mop some more at a corner, only to find out that it was already occupied.

Maybe the best cure is to step back from the platform that only fosters a bitter heart. Caring About the Wrong Things I used to care more about real, tangible things—like my relationships with others.

Now I find that being watered down with cares about a virtual world—how my image looks on social media or how many “likes” my Instagram photo got.

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