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For me the writer,actors and actresses and staff who made this movie,you did a great job!?? I've tried really really hard to like the drama, but it just became really dry and boring. and also yeees tnx god he declined this drama cause it had low ratings and my cutie son deserves a better one :/// Forget to mention that the cast is perfect EXCEPT the female lead. I watched this drama recently n man it's soo amazing!!! This is the best k drama I've ever watched n the cast too is just perfect!! Really sad that it was cut down to 16 eps n not praised Very nice drama,one of the best,perfect casting and am glad it straight to the point instead of others that beats around the bush making super long nd eventually tiring.

I love this drama..though it was boring at some point also i expected some romantic expression between wan chi ang and Sung A but it can late in d ending which i dont like.. It wasn't even by midpoint or anything, it was in every episode. Hong bin acting is OK not great but am sure he will improve more in the future....

I tried to watch it anyway, and yes,, it was kind of draggy. I looove Shi Woo and Chi Ang's friendship, (and I could really do without the romance and the girls tbh--- even tho i appreciate them) omg they're so precious ?? It was the ost which drew me to this (superb tracks! Great lead and supporting cast which grow on you, with a mysterious and twists filled story. They probably won't give this a chance if that's the case.

Also, I really would've appreciated more character development for some characters, like yeob jung. He was so vague, I think I really had a hard time figuring that guy out. The "chasing villains out of the school" by chae yoon was so abrupt,, like i wish there was more substance on that. also the plot's actually pretty cool- i liked the concept. Emotional scenes had depth and the romance was warm. ☺️ -VIXX Hongbin --- Chi Ang - UKISS alexander --- Yub jong - SHINHWA Dong wan --Tae Ho -- taekwando master i'm currently watching this drama and i find the male main lead virtually unappealing. the second lead is more attractive but i'm gonna watch it because the girl main lead's acting in hwarang is impressive. In kissasian it is listed in the most popular dramas but why not here?

The plot and idea behind it was interesting, but they kept dragging on and on the plot, and it got to the point I couldn't watch it anymore. Niccceeeeee work Seo ye jin voice is just fine to me,it sounds different and unique,makes her sound like a mature mind not a Whinning baby,and she's so cute,shes not a musician remember so she's not compulsorily required to have the random average peeps voice... Haters and loserd always looks for fault in others.. I've been going through a lot with my friends and this drama actually showed me the real value of friendship.

(Please leave Lee Hyun-Woo's hair like it was in the first episodes and be sure to have Seo Ye-Ji and the other leading actors again.) Good work! PS Reminder to other commentors to be courteous and not give away the ending!

Another thing was Shi Woo's drastic hairstyle change!! The show is heavy on the power of friendship and how good friends can change your life for the better. This drama is awesome, I watched it because I heard the amazing ost sung by VIXX "Alive". Friendship is a key aspect in this drama and I really like it because its not he typical romance. :( I just finished it today and i regret not watching it earlier!!!

I loved his previous hair, why cut it that short ?? The ending was not quite smoothly explained, and I would also appreciate more Shi Woo-Chae Yoon scenes. The ending sequences are some of the best I have seen and you feel that they could actually have spent more time at the end. The actors all did excellent jobs at acting and displaying the characters personalities well, really recommend this drama :) I really love this drama ,it reminds us the importance of friendship and love towards our family. actually some cast in this drama are singers like : VIXX Hongbin -- Chi Ang UKISS Alexander -- Yub jong SHINHWA Dong wan Z. Huhu i could have influenced some of my friends to watch and support this drama.

And commenters below, please don't spoil the drama for others. I never got bored in this drama coz i'm a typical person who gets bored easily in a drama if it is not good enough! I also started to love him and seon ah, but unfortunately, the staff dont give them scenes together, except for the ending.

Plot/Storyline: 8/10 Acting: Chi Ang (Hongbin) 9/10 Shi Woo (Hyun Wo): 10/10 Seon Ah (Eu Gene): 9/10 Soon Deok (Ye Ji) : 7/10 The ending was ABSOLUTELY SATISFYING!

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