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She also has an DNA match with Laura Sus who has Joseph Handyside (who married Janet Mc Cowan, daughter of Hugh Mc Cowan and Margaret Mc Innis) in her tree.John MCCORQUODALE & Isabel MCKENZIE are my 5th g-grandparents.They had at least six children born in Tuckersmith, Huron County, Ontario: Margaret (born about 1852); Archibald (born about 1854); Duncan (born about 1856); Isabella (born about 1857); William (born about 1859); and Alexander (born about 1868)."The only information I have on his children was supplied by Jack Mc Donald of Ottawa. Duncan Mc Cowan) gave a verbal account of what she knew of the family and John Mc Kay (the son of Mary Mc Cowan and William Duff Mc Kay) wrote a letter stating what he knew of the family.Between the two accounts it is said that Archibald Mc Cowan and his brother William Mc Cowan (nicknamed Billy) went to Montana.

The Mc Coan family of Netherlorn, Kilninver, Argyll, Scotland and relating families, c.1710-c.1871, descendants of Hugh Mc Coan: The Mc Cowan family of Stanley Twsp., Huron Co., Ontario, Canada and Australia & relating families, 1789-1995, descendants of Archibald Mc Cowan, Margaret Mc Dougall Alexander Mc Cowan (son of Hugh Mc Cowan) married Florence Mc Corquodale (daughter of John Mc Corquodale, schoolmaster in Barrichreil, and Isabel Mc Kenzie) in Kilninver on Jan 10, 1771.Hugh Mc Coan Dugald Mc Coan & Katherine Mc Diarmid | Hugh Mc Cowan & Margaret Mc Innes John Mc Cowan & Catharine Mc Cormick | Hugh Mc Cowan & Ciliscia "Selina" Blythe | John Mc Cowan & Janet Scobie Hugh Mc Cowan & Agnes Fairley | Catherine Mc Cowan & James Herbert Duncan Frank Adams, in his Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands, describes the Mac Cowan sept of Clan Mac Dougall as: "Cowans were numerous in Kilchoan, Nether Lorn.A family of Cowans or Mac Cowans followed Mac Dougall of Reyran, from whom they held lands about Loch Seil." Loch Seil is a small inland loch lying to the south of Kilninver. Nancy Black tells me that her family were in Duachy and the various clachans thereabouts for at least a century. circa 1400) : Eighth Chief of the clan and the son of Allan, who was the son of our Sixth Chief, Duncan of Dunollie.John Mc Cowan "son to Dugald Mc Cowan tenant in Duachai" married Ann Livingston in Kilninver on Dec 22, 1788.They had at least seven children all born in Duchai: Elizabeth (born Sept 30, 1789); Bett and Janet (twins born June 27, 1797); Ronald (born June 17, 1799); Catherine (born Aug 9, 1801); John (born Aug 26,1804); and Isabella (born May 22, 1807).

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