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While dreaming like this was easy, it was not so easy to jump over the Iron Curtain.At least the Soviet System allowed some freedom for Jews to emigrate, and while I was not Jewish, a friend sent me an invitation from Israel and I was able to slip out.Police will go to your child's school and will enlist the help of administrators and teachers to question your child.Police are even taught to lie to your child during their interrogation, and will often tell your child that they have damning evidence, which they in fact do not, in order to convince your child that admitting to the commission of a crime is their only solution.Contact us immediately if your child is facing an accusation, as timing can be everything in these cases.Expunging/Vacating Juvenile Sex Crimes The attorneys are Newton & Hall appear regularly in Washington courts to assist juveniles and adults with clearing their criminal records.

The most important thing to do if you or your child is even potentially a suspect in a juvenile offense is to immediately contact our office for assistance.After two years of fighting the System, refusing to be a Soviet Citizen, I found myself in Vienna, Austria.There I discovered that neither Nepal, nor India accepts immigrants.Removing Juvenile Sex Offender Registration Requirements There is a process for terminating the duty to register as a juvenile sex offender.Contact us and we can assist you with determining if you are eligible for this process.

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