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If I apply for a credit card, what are some reasons I'd be turned down? The biggest reason is that your credit history is either insufficient or poor.If you have little or no credit, ask your bank about the best starter card option.It's not uncommon for credit cards to have a 0 percent introductory APR.Depending on the type of card and the provider, this intro amount can be available for up to 18 months.If you have a poor credit history, start to reverse the trend by making an effort to pay off your debt in full if you are able to. There are a variety of ways that you can potentially prove to a lender that you are creditworthy: Pay your student loan monthly balance in full and on time, never miss payments on everyday bills, make a steady income, and open a checking account with the bank where you will apply for a credit card, loan, or mortgage. No, but debit cards can help you establish a relationship with the bank where your account is. Your credit limit depends on a number of factors, but one of the most important ones is usually your credit history.Also, check to make sure you have no outstanding medical bills or parking tickets, which are two of the biggest credit-score tankers outside of credit card debt. If you are in good standing and have been a bank's client for some time, you may be more likely to be considered for a loan or credit card. Many providers have student credit card options designed specifically for students who have little to no credit.

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This depends on a number of factors including who you prefer to bank with and what your needs are.But you need them to help establish a credit history, which is essential for doing things like renting an apartment, buying a car, or sometimes even landing a job. Building your credit history via a credit card can be an effective way to help your credit score.Understanding how credit cards work can make or break your financial future., walks us through the basics of interest rates, late payments, credit scores, and everything else you need to know about how credit cards affect your life. Think about it: Who are you more likely to trust — your best friend from elementary school or a stranger you just met on the street?Not to mention, they give you another card to track.Because you probably won't use a store credit card frequently, you're probably more likely to forget it exists — and forget to pay it off. Annual percentage rate, or the interest rate you'll be charged on your credit card debt each year.

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