Same birthday dating

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If we go by chakra compatibility, this person would have to have been born on the same day as you.

However, this is considered a negative doubling of chakra vibration rhythms.

If you’re in a hurry to find your soulmate, we’ve got a little secret for you: statistically speaking, you will get the most compatible birthdays if you search for a partner who is four to six years older or younger than you.

This will get you birthdays in that 75-80% maximum compatibility range.

There isn’t much to be said about how serious or committed these relationships tend to be.

This calculation factors in 3 types of compatibility: astrological, numerological and chakras.

In terms of the horoscope, a partner of the same sign can only work with Water, and even then only rarely.

In all other similar situations this kind of couple is considered to be less compatible.

You are often just sitting there wondering what the other person thinks, so saying a few kind words actually goes a really long way.

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