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Your redirect rules are evaluated on each request to the app, including after a redirect.It's easy to accidently create a loop of infinite redirects.The 302 (Found) status code is used where the redirection is temporary or generally subject to change, such that the client shouldn't store and reuse the redirect URL in the future.For more information, see RFC 2616: Status Code Definitions.Since no rules in the sample app match on the redirect URL, the second request receives a 200 (OK) response from the app and the body of the response shows the redirect URL.A roundtrip is made to the server when a URL is Warning Be cautious when establishing your redirect rules., and they continue in sequence for the capture groups in your regex.

URL rewriting creates an abstraction between resource locations and their addresses so that the locations and addresses are not tightly linked.The app applies rewrite and redirect rules and shows the rewritten or redirected URL.Use URL Rewriting Middleware when you are unable to use the URL Rewrite module with IIS on Windows Server, the Apache mod_rewrite module on Apache Server, URL rewriting on Nginx, or your app is hosted on server (formerly called Web Listener).A is a server-side operation to provide a resource from a different resource address.Rewriting a URL doesn't require a round-trip to the server.

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