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First Prizes for Pottery Modeled and decorated , and for Painting Underglaze — Pottery and Porcelain Exhibi- tion, Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia, 1888. Sprague Rose Fechheimer Sallie Toohey § Sara Sax O.

It tells of an administrative di- rection seeking always a free and original form of the art; helping a devoted group of American artists to be as untrammelled as possible in the frank expression of a new feeling in ceramics, and giving them the support of a highly organized chemical laboratory charged with broad and intensive scientific re- search. Taylor assumed the active direction of the works as the partner of Mrs. Upon her retirement in 1 890 she transferred her interest to Mr.

Louis in 1904, and pronounced by expert judges the only ceramic novelty of the Exposition.

Its name indicates the peculiar charm of the glaze texture and it presents for the first time the extraordinary achievement of a transparent mat glaze developed in the fire and not by acid or other after-treatment.

At Easter, in 1915, the thirty-fifth year of Rookwood was marked by the public appear- ance of Rookwood soft Porcelain.

It represents, as usual, years of chemical research and kiln trials, and is characterized by rich, heavy color glazes flowing over forms perfectly plain or IO rookwood's history decorated with low-relief modeling or painted design. Conant Vera Tischler Louise Abel Katherine Jones Elizabeth Barrett Wesley Pullman Wilhelmina Rehm Jens Jensen Janet Harris This monogram is pressed into the bottom of every piece, and there is no Rookwood without it.

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