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Romy Madley Croft from The xx has announced her engagement to girlfriend Hannah Marshall.

Just weeks after the band announced that a new album was on it’s way, the musician took to Instagram to reveal further good news.

Meanwhile, Lori Michaels hasn’t made any comments on their relationship, but does Tweet all the links that include Danielle’s interviews and comments. I still play softball; I play third base and center field. It stars French actress Roxane Mesquida as a lesbian witch who has a romance with Haley Bennett.

I was always the person who made fun of cheerleaders because I hated the girly girls. Juno Temple plays a “sexual adventurer” in the film, too.

But I feel like people always wanna define me and I don’t wanna be defined.

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The resulting clip is a sun-drenched, carefree ode to a fantasy of L.But it makes me appreciate the time we have together so much and I have so much time to think about her and when we finally are together it feels very special.RACHEL: Like when your eight and you want it to be your birthday. Marshall, who is a British designer and visual artist, met the singer through her work with the band.She has created stage outfits for the trio, and has also worked with Florence and the Machine, Janet Jackson, Jessie Ware, and more. ,” The band got caught up in an equal marriage debate when an anti-equal marriage organisation in Croatia used samples of their music.

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