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This means that when future versions of i OS are released, you may not be able to use this method to restore back to i OS 11.1.2.

This method also requires that you have valid SHSH2 blobs saved for i OS 11.1.2.

If you don't check the option "Erase device before installing", i Mazing will try to preserve your device's data but there is no guarantee.

To exit recovery mode, click the Exit Recovery Mode button. Select your device in the sidebar, then click Reinstall i OS.

All of these are signs that the device's software - the i OS operating system - needs to be reinstalled.

You can do this with i Tunes, but you will loose your device's data.

With this, lots of people will want to make sure they remain on whichever i OS 11 version they are currently running. Once you jailbreak your device, it becomes much more difficult to safely restore it to factory settings without updating.

Sometimes i OS crashes, and you need to reinstall it to ensure that you can go on using the device without losing any data.Unfortunately when a device is in such of state, you cannot back it up.With i Mazing, you can reinstall i OS on an i Phone or i Pad that's not working while trying to preserve its data.It does, however, require you to already be jailbroken, or using an exploit to set some values before you will be able to use it.This does, unfortunately, mean you won’t be able to use it to downgrade i OS 11.2 or above to i OS 11.1.2 (at the moment).

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