Report dating scammers

The principal group of victims is over 40 years old and divorced, widowed, elderly, or disabled, but all demographics are at risk.

Scammers use poetry, flowers, and other gifts to reel in victims, the entire time declaring their "undying love." These criminals also use stories of severe life circumstances, tragedies, deaths in the family, injuries to themselves, or other hardships to keep their victims concerned and involved in their schemes.

A spokesperson for Facebook said that security was built into every Facebook product and design."Our security systems run in the background millions of times per second to help catch threats and remove them before they ever reach users," the spokesperson said in a statement."Staying ahead of those who try to misuse our service is a constant effort, and we work constantly to detect and block harmful activity, including removing accounts."The spokesperson said the social media giant had obtained nearly billion in legal judgments against spammers, and provided a high-level briefing for the ACCC about its work on scam detection and disruption.

Almost 25,000 people complained about phishing emails last year — the most of any category — but only 194 people reported losing money.

Dating and romance scams cost Australians million in 2016, behind investment scams, which tallied the most losses to scammers at million.

Fake trader scams are increasing, where victims see advertisements for online stores on social media selling discounted products made by well-known brands.

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Social media is emerging as the new hunting ground for scammers to find victims, according to new data out today.

"I kept receiving messages, but when I asked him a question — I didn't suss it straight away — but I then realised he was never actually answering my questions," Jillian said.

She ultimately avoided being scammed after a friend who worked in IT raised alarm bells when she told him about the messages."I handed over my phone rather reluctantly, and he said it had all been copied and pasted, and I felt a little indignant.

The ACCC says many of these online stores are fake and victims buy goods that do not exist.

Sextortion, an emerging scam, also uses social media to gain access to victims.

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