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A little later, the director came across a text which was the retelling of a medieval chronicle dating back to Martin Luther ().

The plot of this novella, written by Heinrich von Kleist, closely resembled Heemeyer's story.

To better get into character, Aleksey Serebryakov would take home his character's wardrobe the day before a shooting day to get a feel for it, traveling to and from the set in costume.

Turning down all other projects, he did not leave Teriberka for two and a half months, devoting himself completely to his work on .

The second version of the script, now going by the name Leviathan, was completed in the fall of 2012 and brought together references to the American tragedy of Marvin John Heemeyer, the biblical story of Job and Thomas Hobbes' philosophical treatise involves more people than any other Zvyagintsev film, with eight central characters.

No one, except Heemeyer himself, was injured in the incident.The filming took place in the villages of Teriberka and Tumanny, and the towns of Kirovsk, Monchegorsk, Apatity and Olenegorsk in Murmansk Region, as well as Poshekhonye in Yaroslavl Region.To cut back on travel costs, some of the interior scenes were filmed in Moscow.This version was set in Russia, but retraced the events of the American tragedy, including the protagonist's rampage.The script abounded with expletives, which did not sit right with the film's producer, Alexander Rodnyansky, and prevented the project from going ahead at that time, in 2011, immediately after the completion of .

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