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Let us examine the facts of the case and see for ourselves. Snakes and scorpions are the only creatures that find comfort in this forsaken place. The second area is a great and thriving metropolis.There are two places in the desert area near the Dead Sea that could not be more radically different from each other. All that is found there are craggy hills, land strewn with crumbled rock, coarse sand, and intense heat: daytime temperatures rise to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The waters of the nearby great lake are not potable: No fish live in its inhospitable waters. Grain grows in abundance and precious raw materials are easily accessed.There was no route connecting the Dead Sea area with Mesopotamia.How could the Mesopotamians have possibly conquered the area?In the early part of the 20th century, the entire Biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah was doubted by many academicians.Not merely the part of the story of the supernatural destruction, but also any possible rule over the area by the Mesopotamians to the east.

In fact, as incredible as it may seem, the two places are one and the same. The very names of these two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, are associated with sin and debauchery. The first description of the desolate territory is the area once inhabited by the wealthy, aristocratic Sodomites as it appears today.

Each charnel house contained the remains of several hundred people.

Current estimates of the number of bodies occupying that cemetery is about a half million!

This thriving group of city-states is referred to in the Bible (Genesis ) as the Cities of the Plain.

The five kings were under the dominion of a coalition of eastern Mesopotamian overlords.

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