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Ferrari have extended the length of their car in a bid to gain further aerodynamic performance while Mercedes are expected to run the W09 with an experimental higher rake than its W08 predecessor.

The new Red Bull's front suspension will also be a particular focus of attention when it hits the track for the first time. The Circuit de Catalunya has become F1's established winter base over the past two decades and every team and driver will already be minutely aware of its challenges and variations.

Situated on the northern outskirts of Barcelona, the circuit's location is one of its most attractive qualities.

Relatively cheap and accessible, the teams can easily ship in spare parts overnight to be ready for the next day's running without undue hassle. While the mornings are decidedly chilly, it rarely rains even in mid-winter in Barcelona, although the forecast for next week is unusually unsettled.

Formula 1 2018 will burst into action this week when winter testing begins on Monday at Barcelona, with the threat to Mercedes' recent domination and Mc Laren-Renault's public track debut the overriding focus of attention.

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Mercedes launch 'work of art' W09Ferrari reveal striking new car New Red Bull on track Mc Laren, meanwhile, will be opening a new chapter in their history after swapping Honda for Renault power.

Monday will be the first time a Mc Laren car will run a Renault engine in a timed session as the team strive to return to the podium for the first time in five years.

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