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The good news is that running this program took only a couple minutes, including printing time.

So we could do just-in-time scheduling, running the program after everyone was registered but before we started the speed dates.

If both people mark down that they are interested, the speed dating agency puts them in contact either later that evening or after the event.

The organization is easy: you just have one gender stay seated after each date, and the other group gets up and moves to the next table.

Which meant we needed to get people’s gender and attractions, and match them based on those.

But of course, this makes the problem of setting up dates very difficult.

I helped him with the programming and I yell at people during the event to get them to do things.We aimed for ten dating rounds, but as it turned out, we needed to put some people on more dates (up to fourteen) in order to get others to have a minimal number (say, six). We charged a minimal fee ( pre-registration, at the door).The money went towards buying pizza (including vegan pizza), soda, and beer for the attendees.You can see my girlfriend Debby’s chronicle of her speed dating experience at the second event here, or Luke’s report of the first event here.As it turns out, running poly speed dating takes more than one or even two people.

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