Photo swap chat room

Decorate it with a simple, seasonal centerpiece and place all your cake stands and platters around the table.As guests arrive, invite them to transfer their cookies to your platters.

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This frees up their tins or Tupperware to hold the cookies they will be selecting from the table. As each contributor brought extra cookies for tasting, you should have ample baking to serve up to your guests, along with a mug of tea or coffee.

After you’ve had time to catch up on your visiting and sample the cookies, it’s time to swap.

Invite double the amount of guests that you feel you can accommodate and don’t stress about over-crowding; this is the busiest time of the year and not everyone will be able to attend. Invite guests via a private Facebook group and encourage them to share what variety of cookie they are making on the event Wall. Cut rectangles out of stiff paper for labeling the cookies. A cookie swap offers the ideal opportunity to give back.

This also serves as a good place to answer questions and keep track of the every-changing attendee list. Prepare a tried-and-true recipe that has proven to be popular among both young and old. One can’t help but feel blessed when greeted with a cookie-laden table and it’s only fitting for a swap to have a charitable side to it.

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