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Developer: Ubisoft Publisher: Ubisoft Release date: March 1, 2016 Link: Official Site / Amazon Far Cry Primal marks a big departure for a Ubisoft series that had begun to feel a bit cookie-cutter.

Primal’s Stone Age setting means bows instead of guns, and no vehicles (apart from hitching a ride on a passing mammoth, we presume).

Given the disappointment over Absolution, much will hinge on how this new Hitman’s intriguing approach to mission structure plays out.

Levels are said to be more sandboxy, and much bigger than those of their predecessor.

Certainly the first gameplay trailer certainly looks promising enough, even if the inevitable deluge of Faith-based puns remains a serious misgiving.

Developer: DICE Publisher: EA Release date: May 24 Link: Official site / Amazon Much like Dishonored 2, here’s another returning parkour-flavoured, open world-ish game in which the protagonist must triumph against the backcloth of a beautifully drawn dystopia.

White promises that the game will be full of secrets, including optional abilities and a pet that evolves when you feed it.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales, Marvel Publisher: Warner Bros.

Augmented citizens now form an unruly underclass, oppressed by governments terrified of their abilities.

Jensen, now working for interpol, is on a mission to confront the conspirators responsible for the world’s ills.

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