Pennsylvania state regulations on dating a patient

If the patient suffers any injuries from their physician's abandonment, the physician could be held liable.

To avoid a claim of patient abandonment, physicians must timely notify a patient of their intention to end the physician-patient relationship.

(i) If during the period of supervision, the supervisor’s license is suspended or revoked, the supervisor shall immediately notify the supervisee and immediately cease supervision.

(3) An individual whose license has been actively suspended or revoked by a licensing board will not qualify as a supervisor.

According to state regulations, the new dentist must maintain these records for a minimum of five years from the last dated entry, even if the new dentist did not provide the most recent services.

If a patient decides to seek care at a different dental practice, SBOD requires the dentist to provide an exact copy of the patient’s dental records to the patient or the patient’s new dentist within 30 days of receiving a written request.

When discontinuing care to a patient, physicians must be cautious not to abandon the patient.Also, note that federal and state civil rights laws bar physicians from engaging in certain discriminatory practices.Under these laws, physicians cannot dismiss patients because of the patient's race, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, or age.PAMED's Legal Resource Center provides quality, timely legal advocacy and resources for member physicians.“…A patient’s dental record must be maintained by a dentist for a minimum of five years from the date of the last dental entry.” However, neither the State Board of Dentistry nor HIPAA guidelines specify how these records are to be disposed of after the five-year timeframe.

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