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More than 1,000 serious crimes were shown to have been carried out by tagged offenders since the early release scheme was launched in 1999, but Lord Phillips, the Lord Chief Justice, said that the country still needed to be educated about the benefits of com-munity punishment, expressing concern at what he saw as a public desire for vengeance.Michael O'Brien, wrongly jailed for 11 years for the murder of a Cardiff newsagent, received a record £300,000 settlement from South Wales Police – but no apology or admission of liability.As the UN Security Council struggled to agree on draft sanctions, Pyongyang declared it would treat US-led sanctions as an act of war.Unlike Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who said on Wednesday that if the UN Security Council decides this week to impose sanctions on his country, it "would be a day of national celebration".

The public health minister Caroline Flint blamed a general failure to eat "scary food" like fruit and vegetables.

And an Oxfordshire coroner ruled on Friday that the ITN reporter Terry Lloyd was unlawfully killed by US troops who shot at a minibus taking him for medical treatment near Basra in 2003.

President Bush said he did not consider "credible" research published on The Lancet's website saying that the occupation of Iraq had caused a "humanitarian emergency" and claimed 650,000 Iraqi lives.

His critics found all too credible claims by a former White House aide that the Bush administration wooed evangelical Christians for their votes but ridiculed "the nuts" behind their backs.

The Nobel committee wrongfooted the pundits by awarding the peace prize to the Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank which developed his concept of micro-credit to bring millions out of poverty by lending them money to start small businesses.

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