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And plastic surgery is dangerous and bad for your confidence as is dieting.Other than that one disagreement, the Rules for Dating books are really quite useful for the middle aged female dater.One caveat is that these books are written primarily for 20 something year olds who have loads of testosterone-laden, eligible young men milling around them.The advice to “just post an online dating ad and catch another one right away” if things go sour with a guy does not really apply.In fact I had to upgrade my cell phone plan to accommodate my early texting frenzy.I was confused about etiquette and when to respond and when not to; how to end a text session.My second favorite dating book, after Mars and Venus on a Date, are the Rules for Dating series.

The Rules set out VERY specific guidelines for texting, emailing, calling, etc in the early stages of dating so you don’t overwhelm a man.I would say most of the people railing against it, that it is full of manipulation, have not REALLY read the books.As suggested, I have read and re-read each book and the concepts, for the most part, align exactly with the loving ideas of Mars and Venus on a Date book.While many people see this as manipulative and game playing, to me it is no more manipulative than handing out candy to a toddler after Halloween rather than letting the toddler eat the whole bag and get very sick.It also allows the women to be passively receptive and the man to be actively receptive as Joel Grey points out is needed for love to blossom early on.

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