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(In June 2006 the appellate court upheld the dismissal, and on January 8, the Supreme Court denied plaintiffs' petition to hear an appeal of the dismissal).There was a lot of media attention on the NRMP lawsuit, our work was, among other outlets, mentioned on September 13, 2003, in American Medical News, Harvard economist argues that Match is not anticompetitive, December 8, 2003, Harvard Murmur Weekly, Opinion, August 24, 2004, New York Times, Tweaking the Math to Make Happier Medical Marriages, by Sara Robinson.: In markets that are not centralized, those that make offers often have to not only determine how much a certain candidate may be valued, but also, what is the value of making that offer, which means, assessing the chances of being able to actually have the offer accepted.In Market Culture: How Rules Governing Exploding Offers Affect Market Performance, we showed the detrimental effect of exploding offers, and how to curb them, which lead to the following resolution passed by all four Gastroenterology associations.

surgeons (centralized and decentralized matching markets) Al Roth and I have studied the market for Gastroenterology Fellowships, as it moved from a centralized market to a decentralized one. Siegfried, The Job Market for New Economists: A Market Design Perspective, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2010, Vol 24, Number 4, 187206.We found that when the market was decentralized it was less national, a more local market, , and with Debbie Proctor, What will be needed for the new GI fellowship match to succeed? In the latter paper, we also discussed the advantages of a match, and what would be needed to restart the match.In Competitive Wages in a Match with Ordered Contracts I observe that the way the NRMP allows for ordered contracts actually allows for competitive wages in simple models with unit demand, such as the one studied by Bulow and Levin.My colleague Kojima shows in Matching and Price Competition: Comment that when firms can hire more than one worker, the impersonal prices may not result in lower wages for workers.

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