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“A lot of smaller men like bigger women, but they wouldn’t necessarily want to approach them in a normal club in front of all their mates.And here, when a guy offers to buy a girl a drink, she knows he actually means it, so she’s much more receptive.These women who told me I could look good, be fat, be inspirational and aspirational.” Now Miranda wants to do the same over other plus size young women, and rejects claims that by hosting these websites, she’s encouraging obesity.

Match socials include activities such as speed dating and bowling and are a great way to help break the ice when meeting someone for the first time. But, what if, every time you go out and someone offers to buy you a drink, you look over to see their mates pointing and sniggering at you?But what if you were grabbed, prodded, poked and pointed at every time you went on a night out?“You’re still finding yourself in your 20s, and maybe locking yourself away – it’s good for younger women to see older, confident bigger women.” She also mentions the other advantage of Club Indulge: the men.“It’s a good way to meet men who like bigger women.

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