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MSTies: you can finally get officially licensed Mystery Science Theater 3000 merchandise right here!Look as stylish as Torgo while carrying one of our MST3K tote bags.You can now buy little chalky hearts that say all sorts of weird things. “I Accuse My Parents.” • How are they controlling the robots during the slot car host segment? • Everyone loves that bit during the movie when Joel and Tom Servo get into a little dual-riff that is, I guess, a parody of Robitussin commercial–one I don’t remember ever seeing.• Joel makes what I always thought was an astute observation: that the afterlife would be a little like Ellis Island. Maybe that’s why I don’t find it as hilarious as everybody else seems to…It has its moments, but the episode is a bit frustrating. Why does the floor make a sound when Jason crosses it?We’re never told, but it seems an important point to everyone in the movie. One minute they’re being fed sleeping potions and watching dancers, after the commercial break they’re back on the ship.• Cast & Crew roundup: Cinematographer Giancarlo Ferrando also worked on “Devil Fish.” Make up person Otello Fava also worked on “Danger: Diabolik” and production designer Massimo Antonello Geleng also worked on “Devil Fish.” In front of the camera, we’ll see Donald Pleasance again in “The Pumaman.” • Credits Watch: The writers list is now: Trace Beaulieu, Paul Chaplin, Frank Conniff, Joel Hodgson, Bridget Jones, Kevin Murphy and Mary Jo Pehl (Michael J. ” Movie: (1957) Hercules helps Jason, the true king, wrest the throne away from pretender Pelias and his son Iphitus, while wooing the lovely Iole.

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Nick wants to take Kay out on a date, but isn't sure what they'd do.For those who weren’t computing then, it put shadowrama at the bottom of your screen and played one of only about 15 quick sound bites every so often.It got very old very fast and, worse, it turned out to be a very invasive program that was hard to remove. • The first host segment is clever but creating modern constellations that make about as much sense as the old ones do is really not an original idea. • Arcane reference: something is said to resemble a Jim Dine sculpture.First shown: 7/24/93 Opening: Servo attempts a formal welcome but Crow rattles him Invention exchange: The Mads demonstrate the Square Master, J&t B show Bittersweet Hearts Host segment 1: Joel retrofits the bots to be slot cars, but Tom still needs some work Host segment 2: J&t B put on a sketch: The warrior tries to get a driving permit Host segment 3: J&t B discuss things you could do after the apocalypse End: J&t B get a phone call from Megaweapon, Joel reads a letter, the Mads enjoy an active lifestyle Stinger: The Paper Chase Guy checkin’ out Persis • This episode has its moments, I’ll give you that.The movie is all over the place, from the whiny, chipmunk-cheeked hero and his air-headed onboard computer, to the squeaky spiders, to guerrilla leader Jimmy Carter/Ronnie Cox, to hapless Persis Khambata, to perhaps Donald Pleasance’s creepiest performance (and that’s saying something), to the “Road Warrior” rejects, to the raw star power that IS Megaweapon.

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