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Other prolific writers of the post-colonial era include Thein Pe Myint (and his The Ocean Traveller and the Pearl Queen, considered a Burmese classic), Mya Than Tint (known for his translations of Western classics like War and Peace), Thawda Swe and Myat Htun.

Distinguished women writers, who have also been an ever-present force in Burmese literary history, include Kyi Aye, Khin Hnin Yu, and San San Nweh.

Short stories, often published in magazines, also enjoy tremendous popularity.

They often deal with everyday life and have political messages (such as subtle criticisms of the capitalist system), partly because unlike novels, short stories are not censored by the Press Scrutiny Board.

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Traditional folk music is atypical in Southeast Asian music, as it is characterised by sudden shifts in rhythm and melody as well as change in texture and timbre.In urban areas, skirts and pants are becoming more common, particularly among the young. Parents and teachers are second only to the Three Jewels ( ananda nga ba), and are paid obeisance (called gadaw) at special times of the year such as Thingyan, beginning and end of Buddhist Lent, and usually parents before one leaves on a journey.During the British colonial era, Burmese nationalists associated traditional clothing, in particular Yaw longyi (). The use of honorifics before personal names is the norm, and it is considered rude to call a person just by their name without the honorific unless they are known from childhood or youth or in the case of a younger underling. Elders are served first at meals, and in their absence a spoonful of rice is put aside first in the pot as a token of respect ( u cha) before serving the meal.This replaced the traditional paso for men and tamein for women by the 20th century. This idea is used to justify the prevalent view that women are lesser than men, who are considered to have more hpon.For business and formal occasions, Bamar men wear a Manchu Chinese jacket (), and a shawl. Age is still considered synonymous with experience and wisdom, hence venerated.

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