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Related: 8 Free resources for setting up business processes and systems If you wish to make one of these business ideas a full-time business, a suggestion would be to: Often start-up entrepreneurs make the mistake of trading from their personal bank account.

This makes it harder to differentiate between your personal expenses and business expenses.

For example, e Bay allows you to put up a store and find customers who want your product, for around R300 a month. There are companies that sell professional website templates for around R1 400.

For around R150 a month some companies will host your business, provide you with an email account as well as technical assistance.

You’ll need to decide what to charge for your services, some party planners have these options: You shouldn’t charge too much for your first few events.

This will allow you to showcase your capabilities, it will be an advertisement for your business and your family and friends won’t feel like they’re being taken advantage of. 61% of individuals in South Africa are overweight or suffer from obesity according to Stats SA.

Starting a store online has become cost-effective and straightforward.

You can now launch an e-commerce business with only a few hundred rand.

You’ll be in charge of: When you get going with your business, don’t be afraid to use your network of friends and family to secure your first event.It also doesn’t allow you to build up a credit risk profile for your business, which is an important factor should you ever want to approach a bank for financing.Rather, start trading as a business from the get-go by opening up a If you have basic home repair skills, you can turn this into a side business.Many people will be willing to pay you to fix their rain gutters, do simple electrical repairs or change light bulbs.There is a growing need for skilled labour making now the perfect time to offer contracting services.

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