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Our brains, which are the same as they have been for thousands of years, have never been exposed to the stimulating effect of internet porn, or anything else like it.

It is only 15 years old, after millions of years of evolution. This is because evolutions top priority is to make babies. The Coolidge Effect: An Australian experiment shows that it’s not the mere nudity that gets people aroused, but instead it is the “unending novelty.” When men were subjected to viewing porn, the switch in porn videos was what created a huge spike in arousal and erection circumference.

This will continue for as long as the mouse can last.

Like the rat, this is your natural programming, which is why many people see marriage as un-natural, but I’m not going near that subject.

(like the lucky lab rat above)This is insanely pleasurable, we all know it.

You’re more than likely beating your meat to the latest Amy Reid cum shot compilation.)Here’s a fun fact: Porn affects your brain in the exact same way an addictive drug does.The limbic brain is all about avoiding pain and feeling pleasure. Inside the limbic brain you will find the reward center or circuit. When you are addicted to something, like porn and masturbation, this is where it starts.The rule of the brain is when you do something, you must be rewarded.When you see a girl, your primal brain is programmed to want to reproduce. And in modern day, the brain is now exposed to more sexual partners in 1 week than it would usually be exposed to in a lifetime. This can also be seen in a study done on male rats.The brain doesn’t know you’re looking at a computer. Drop a male rat in with a female and he will mate with her, then he will lose interest.

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