Kyrgyz dating

I suggest that we could still buy the girls some more chips because they looked hungry but Chingiz throws me a surprised look: "what for? Adlet is the fourth richest man in town and he has a car.

" Yeah, everything is calculated and has a purpose. He comes with his car fulll of guys, about four of them.

A lot of them are even virgin before the wedding night with practically no sexual experience and in probably shows on their performance in bed.

So basically Kyrgyz people have children before they have even begun to explore their sexual lives, at 22 they already have a family and live with their wife and kids and parents (! "That's why they are all cheating on their wives," I told Ilona who didn't want to believe my cynical view on relationship.

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Chingiz is smart and able but he has trouble understanding how the mind of an european investor works. Chingiz and his father have started another business, they are making apple juice and selling it to restaurants in Bishkek. I stay at Chingiz place one more night, he is going to a party.

His parents took the car and he has no idea whe they will resturn."This is such a bad investment, no wonder your economy is falling apart" "But you are in Kyrgyzstan now," he says, "you should play by Kyrgyz rules.You go to the girl, you buy her chips and beer, you tell her that you like her and then you tell her I want you, she says yes or no and that's it." "Come on, does that bullshit ever work?She is pretty alllright, she could be a fashion model judgiéng by european criteria but she is just so empty.I can''t find anything interesting about her, no feeling, either emotional nor physical.

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