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Its advantages were of some importance; but John Graves was an antagonist difficult to cope with when he was considerably interested, and in the end the county seat was placed where he wanted it. The population of the city in 1870 was 3,978, but in 1876 it was only 3,499, a decrease in six years of nearly 500! Both of these brothers are practical architects and draughtsmen making their own plans and specifications, and their business is constantly on the increase.A few lots were sold in Jamestown, and a store-house built at an early day. And even in 1880 the census showed a total population of only 4,078, an increase over the census of 1870, ten years before, of but 100. They came originally from near Cologne, in Aix-la-Chapelle, a locality which furnishes the best artists in wood work, for as all know Rhine carvings are much sought after at the present day.

Going to this point we found where they had been feeding their horses. Pearl, the deputy county clerk who wrote the records, was not an expert at spelling. It was built from Laclede into Carroll county, via Sumner, or Cunningham, and now has its western terminus at Bogard. After living there up to 1856 he removed to the northeastern part, of the State, thence to Pennsylvania, and made his home in that vicinity until coming to Missouri in 1865. Gorman was married to Miss Margaret Kelley, daughter of Michael Kelley, who became settled in Pennsylvania, from Ireland, in 1856. Of her brothers and sisters Mary is the wife of John Clary, of Indiana; Julia is now Mrs. Gorman have eleven children: Anna, born November 7, 1860, married Pat.The founders of "Jimtown" contemplated that upon the organization of the county their town would be selected as the county seat. There were more buildings erected and improved in 1877 than in the six years preceding. Among other things they made the altar for the cathedrals of Kansas City, St.It was centrally located, was a river town and had every convenience for shipping when steamboat navigation should begin. The old court house, which stood in the centre of the square, was torn down in 1865, and the brick used in building the structure known as Bell & Moore's Hall, on the east side of the square. Joseph, Denver, Atchison, Leavenworth, Effingham, Ill., and many other places, and besides much work has been done in church furniture.The first to cross got up the west bank very well, but the track soon got wet and slippery with the water that fell from the dripping horses, and the horses of those that followed would slip and slide back into the water. Thompson and Elmore Carlyle were among the first members. Gregory was appointed commissioner and trustee in his stead, giving a bond of ,000. Previous notice had been given by posting five written notices in different portions of the country and by advertisements inserted three times in the Missouri Republican, of St. The metes and bounds of the city were declared to be as follows: - All that district of country in Livingston county and State of Missouri contained in the following limits, to wit: Beginning 872 feet north of the southeast corner of the southeast one-fourth of the northeast one-fourth of section 36, township 58, range 24, in the range line dividing ranges 23 and 24; thence south along said range line to the southeast corner of the northeast quarter of section 1, township 57, range 24; thence west along the quarter section line to the southwest corner of the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section 2, township 57, range 24; thence north to a point 872 feet north of the southwest corner of the southeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section 35, township 58, range 24; thence east to the place of beginning. It was merely a part of Chillicothe township, and did not differ materially from a thick settlement. Darlington; a carding machine, by Joseph Miller; two blacksmith shops, by Elijah Hill and Joel Bargdoll, besides two or three general stores. The Sisters' Academy in Chillicothe was first started as a day school in January, 1872, in the Redding House, on the east side of the public school. The habits of James were industrious and moral while he was a youth, and in 1856 he left in his old home to locate in Barbour county, W. In 1846 he settled in Grundy county, Mo.; and was a resident of that county until death called him to another home in November, 1883. James' mother, Rebecca Graham, was a Virginian by birth and she died in seven weeks after her husband, at the age of 81, leaving seven children: James, William, John M., Emily, George, Alfred, Oliver D.I saw some men slip over their horses' heads and climb the bank and then take to their heels. My book shows that we captured among other articles seven head of horses (some belonging to Union men), three saddles, a pair of holster pistols and a government coat. Louis, and the Boone's Lick Democrat, of Franklin, Howard county. There was no municipal government, no authority to compel the care of streets, the building of sidewalks and street crossings, the enforcement of sanitary measures, etc.; and so there were but few, if any, sidewalks, save in front of some of the stores on the public square; people waded to and fro in the mud, threw filth and slops into the street, and lived a life of liberty, if not of comfort. John Graves, the landlord referred to, is called, and perhaps justly so, the founder of Chillicothe. Mother Mary Herman was the Superior, and her assistant were Sisters Mary John Baptist, Mary Margaret, Macy Wilhelmina, and others. Francis, of the province of the Sacred Heart, whose headquarters are in St. He was sent out by his superiors at the invitation of Bishop Hogan, to make a reconnaissance of the diocese of St. Va., and in 1858 he came to Missouri, settling at Scottsville, Sullivan county. When 17 years of age James Graham left the State of his birth and in 1845 came to Grundy county, Mo.

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