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I have been married for 7 years we have 3 boys and we have had our shares of ups and downs like any normal relationship we have been separated before because he has cheated on me in the past but always managed to work things out and get back togther this last time we had split up for 3 months I... I believe that he has hired back his attorney to deal with us and our child.

During his drunk ordeals he has talked of his plans, to be with this other...

If the attempted marriage is invalid without a court order, the child is born within 300 days after the termination of cohabitation.If he is the father he has legal rights, your marriage and current relationship notwithstanding.He has to go to Court to try to get those rights, however, and he could do that at any time until the child is of legal age.In the event two or more conflicting presumptions arise, that which is founded upon the weightier considerations of public policy and logic, as evidenced by the facts, shall control. We are now married and awaiting his adjustment of status (green card) approval. I am engaged to a guy, who has been dating and is in love with our neighbor.The presumption of paternity is rebutted by a court decree establishing paternity of the child by another man. We both have been through divorces, and have a child together.

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