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Future ship propulsion systems must therefore be more environmentally friendly.One possible way is to operate engines with natural gas rather than diesel.Discover our portfolio of services As a TYPO3 Platinum Member, we support the TYPO3 Association since the foundation in 2004.We are actively involved in the professional TYPO3 developer community.This reduces the pollutant emissions and oil consumption of the engines.For modern, higher-compression engines, researchers have developed new and effective separation systems that undercut the more stringent emission limits for oil mist. The operation of ships causes considerable pollutant emissions.Tests show that the market-ready insulation is more robust than previous models. The integration of thermal storage in cogeneration plants leads to more flexibility in district heating networks because the power generation can be better adapted to the power requirements.

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They built a research laboratory with two cleanrooms.The development of advisory systems (POS terminals, kiosk systems) for complex applications with extensive content, or for products requiring lengthy explanation and extensive product ranges at the POS, completes our portfolio.In doing so, we incorporate, where possible, online applications into our customers’ existing IT infrastructure.They are aiming to reduce the engines' COThe Margaretenau residential district in Regensburg is being modernised to improve its energy efficiency.The designers are developing a solar-active and -adaptive exterior render system as a replacement for conventional thermal insulation for the facades.

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